Vintage Ad of the Week: Revlon Cosmetics

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I’m starting a new feature, oh-so-cleverly titled “Vintage Ad of the Week”, where I will highlight a vintage advertisement that I either love, hate…or am just flat-out confused by. For this week’s pick, I am highlighting a Revlon Cosmetics ad. I love the classic shades of vintage makeup, and this ad caught my eye. Vintage Ad of the Week 12/12/12: Revlon Cosmetics, Vintage Makeup Ad

I like the simplicity of the ad, with the open-space being a soft shade of pink, and the placement of the man and the woman drawing your eyes directly to the brand. And the tagline? “Not a prissy pink…not a sissy pink…” along with the pink goblet, nail polish, lipstick, jewelry, and gown. Normally I would find such usage of color to be overkill, but I thought this was a lovely ad.

I also am adding a special treat for you: Ashleeta at PinUpGirlStyle posted this handy little chart of classic Revlon shades that are still made today.

Vintage Makeup Ad, Revlon Cosmetics
I think my favorite is “Cherries in the Snow” – I remember that my mommy used to wear that when I was little, and yes, there were several times that I got into her purse and tried to apply it, unsuccessfully. One of those times was right before a dentist appointment. No one was amused, nor impressed, haha! I also am a fan of “Certainly Red”. The “Blase Apricot” is also nice, but I don’t think that it would compliment my complexion well.

What do you think about these classic shades? Would you wear any of them? Do you own any of them!
Leave a comment below! 

– The Homicidal Homemaker

  • Corey.L..Hicks

    Aw, this was a really nice post. My best friend would love this!

  • Annie

    These are beautiful colors. I don’t wear much makeup but love these.

  • Lidian

    Hi Kaci –

    Thanks so much for visiting me – you were asking about the recipe for that terrible aspic ad (I an’t wait to come back and read how it went!) here’s the link to the original ad at Google Books:

    You can embiggen this if you like, and the recipe should be all too clear.

    I adore your blog already and am going to Pin the Revlon ad, which I’m assuming is OK since you have a Pin It button (I need to get one of those myself one of these days when am roused from lazy pre-holiday stupor)

    Cheers, Lidian :)

    • Kaci

      Hi Lidian! Thank you so much for sharing that frightening recipe find with me! I will let you know when I decide to get brave enough to make it! :)

  • Laurie Brown

    I love ‘Raven Red’ and ‘Cherries in the Snow’ and was heart broken when they stopped making ‘Cherries in the Snow’ a number of years ago. I am very happy to know it is available again, although it’s not to be found in my small town.

    When I was a kid, my mom wore ‘Persian Melon’ and ‘Hot Coral’. Not my colors, but they looked outstanding on her!

    • Kaci

      I LOVE the Persian Melon color, but I am really, really light-complected and am not sure how they would look on my skintone. I remember my mom wearing Cherries in the Snow and I am happy that they still make it, too! :)

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