Mid-Century Monstrosities

The shock! The horror! Yes, I’m talking about the monstrosities filling the pages of my mid-century cookbooks, magazines, and catalogs! Join me for my TupperSCARE Parties – my journey to find the most disgusting vintage recipes imaginable, with sometimes surprisingly (and disappointingly) palatable results. Also featuring Nightmare Fuel – questionable vintage costumes, toys & decor.

TupperSCARE Party: Deviled Lettuce aka “Alien Egg Salad”

I knew that when I came across this recipe on Pinterest, that it was just begging to be the next installment of The Homicidal Homemaker's TupperSCARE Party:Now, I am guessing something...
Ring Around the Tuna

TupperSCARE Party: The Joys of JELL-O’s “Ring Around the Tuna”

For this edition of The Homicidal Homemaker's TupperSCARE Party, I have recreated the "Ring Around the Tuna" recipe from my 1962 edition of "The Joys of JELL-O".

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