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Hi! I'm Kaci, more commonly known as “The Homicidal Homemaker“.

It's been said that I put the “cleaver” in June Cleaver, but I've also been referred to as the “Martha Stewart of the Macabre”. If you're looking to become an expert on Ghoul Housekeeping, then you've stumbled into the right crypt…


About – The Homicidal Homemaker

Every day is Halloween for me – I have a passion for all things spooky and horror-related, and try to find as many ways as possible to integrate it in with everyday life. I started this website to inspire others to bring a spooky element to their lives through horror inspired recipes, cocktails, product reviews, tutorials, and themed parties, and general good crypt keeping tips!

I live in Central California, where I have been a horror host for the past 10 years. Since in 2008, I've founded and organized several horror-themed organizations and events, such as the Central Valley Horror Club (Central CA's first & only horror-themed organization), and the Visalia Zombie Ball & Crawl (Central CA's first-ever zombie-themed event). I've hosted a multitude of monthly live horror movie screenings, horror-themed concerts & events, and even hosted my own late-night horror talk show on a local station, called Friday Night Frights.

The Homicidal Homemaker Horror Cooking Class – ScareLA
The Homicidal Homemaker Horror Cooking Class - ScareLA

Throughout the years, I've been involved with so many fun projects, such as music videos, indie horror films, founded & performed with a horror-themed dance troupe, and was one of 13 finalists in Fangoria Magazine’s nationwide search for their 2010 Spooksmodel. I also was the hostess of my own horror-themed comic book! But for now, I've chosen to put my full-time focus into The Homicidal Homemaker, but I still try to do plenty of fun things for my fans, like my popular horror cooking classes at various horror conventions, including ScareLA in Pasadena, HauntX in Reno, and Midsummer Scream in Long Beach.

Bringing videos to The Homicidal Homemaker was something I always wanted to do, but through the whirlwind of my other projects, I stuffed those plans back into the darkest corner of my crypt. My dreams of producing video content for The Homicidal Homemaker were resurrected in 2016, when my horror-themed cooking show premiered! I not only develop the recipes myself, but I also write each episode, co-direct, co-produce, and even make some of the props, costumes, and execute special effects used on the show.

The Homicidal Homemaker on Screambox

Within just a few months of premiering, The Homicidal Homemaker horror cooking show ended up being the first-ever web series available on the Screambox platform, and is also regularly shown on AT&T Uverse & Comcast in the Central California area.

Rue Morgue Magazine

In 2017, another dream of mine came true – The Homicidal Homemaker was added as a featured column to my favorite horror publication Rue Morgue Magazine, with my recipes debuting in the 20th anniversary September/October 2017 issue. I’ve been a long-time reader of Rue Morgue, so to have my recipes immortalized within the pages of their publication is an incredible honor. The recipes featured in Rue Morgue are exclusive to the magazine, so be sure to head over to the Rue Morgue Magazine website (or visit your local news stand or bookstore) to pick up a copy!

In 2018, I announced that I have partnered exclusively with Deadhead Rum and Sangre de Vida Tequila. I also have an ongoing sponsorship with Sourpuss Clothing, providing wardrobe pieces, home decor items, and products for giveaways. Be sure to keep your eyeballs peeled for exclusive recipes and giveaways!

Currently, in 2019, I have many other projects in the works:

  • I now have my own segment on Rue Morgue TV (so now you can watch me prepare the recipes that are featured in every issue of their magazine)
  • I am currently in the process of having my horror cookbook published
  • My horror cooking show will be available on more streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime
  • I will be publishing a biannual publication/newsletter, Ghoul Housekeeping
  • I am releasing a line of clothing I’ve designed, as well as a line of horror-themed baking products and accessories

Thank you for stopping by my website, and reading a little bit about yours ghoulishly. Be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to get updates on these projects, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button over on my YouTube channel!

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