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“Wolfcop” Liquor Donuts with Chocolate, Bourbon, Pecans and Bacon

Liquor Donuts is a fictional business featured in the WolfCop films, selling (you guessed it) liquor and donuts. My recipe for these WolfCop Liquor Donuts inspired by the film features maple, chocolate, and bourbon, with a toasted pecan and bacon crumble.
Minnie Castevet's Chocolate Mousse from "Rosemary's Baby"

Minnie Castevet’s Chocolate Mousse from “Rosemary’s Baby”

This easy, no-cook dessert inspired by "Rosemary's Baby" has the rich mouthfeel of classic chocolate mousse. But unlike the dessert in the film, there is no chalky under-taste or druggy after-effects! If you know a mom who loves horror, this dessert will be the perfect endcap for your Mother's Day festivities!

“From Dusk Till Dawn” Spiced Dark Chocolate-Tequila Bat Truffles

Forego the sickeningly-sweet store-bought chocolates, and sink your fangs into these spicy and decadent truffles inspired by “From Dusk Till Dawn”. A rich and creamy...

Silver Shamrock Shake inspired by Halloween 3: Season of the Witch...

This Silver Shamrock Shake inspired by the horror film "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" is a grown-up version of your favorite minty dessert shake from McDonald's, garnished with gummy snakes and candy bugs.