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No-bake bunny shaped truffle recipe inspired by the horror film Night of the Lepus

Night of the Lepus (or Monty Python) Bloodthirsty Bunny Truffles

In 1972’s Night of the Lepus, a hormone experiment gone wrong causes cuddly rabbits to produce oversized, bloodthirsty spawn—wreaking havoc throughout the town. Try my no-bake recipe for Bloodthirsty Bunny Truffles inspired by the film!
Terrifier Turnovers recipe for Strawberry Balsamic Filled Turnovers inspired by the horror movie Terrifier

Channel Your Inner Art the Clown, and Hack Into These Terrifier...

In 2017’s Terrifier, a demented clown named Art terrorizes anyone who crosses his path on Halloween night. Served upside-down and split down the middle like one of Art the Clown's victims, these bleeding Terrifier Turnovers make a deliciously morbid Valentine’s Day treat!
Cookies & Cream Tombstone Cookies

Cookies & Cream Tombstone Cookies

Creep-out your holiday cookie platters with these easy, no-decoration-required Cookies & Cream Tombstone Cookies! Holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family and friends,...
Street Trash Tenafly Viper Cocktail

Foam & Fizz with a Color-Changing “Street Trash” Tenafly Viper Cocktail

This cocktail starts off with a homemade bright blue Tenafly Viper liquor made with butterfly pea flower, which changes to a bright purple when you add in a squeeze of lime juice! If you want to take it a step further, drop in a fizzing tablet for foaming, color-changing action, reminiscent of the victims in the film.