A Very DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

A Very DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

How I Planned a DIY Minecraft Birthday Party…on a budget!

My brother Adam is a huge Minecraft fan.

Actually, huge is a total understatement. Anyone who knows a Minecraft fan knows that they pretty much eat, breathe, sleep and dream Minecraft. I knew I had to surprise him with a Minecraft birthday party. He saw a few of the decorations, but he had no idea what I had up my sleeve for the big day!

First off, it’s very important for me to mention that this was an extremely DIY party, which means I spent very little money on my decorations and finger food, and made everything myself.

Low-cost and easy = a very happy Homicidal Homemaker.

I created the Stevie and Zombie figures by using boxes that I already had, along with paint and glue I already had on-hand. AWESOME!

minecraft birthday party

I created the birthday banner with the “Minecraft” font, again, with paper and string that I already had on-hand. AWESOME!

minecraft birthday party

minecraft birthday party

For food, I made “sand blocks”, “grass blocks” and “water blocks”. I made sure to cut them all the same size, and the kids…I mean, teenagers, gobbled them up! They were a huge hit. Super low-cost ingredients and a snap to put together. Again, AWESOME!

minecraft birthday party

We kept the rest of the food very simple – chips, salsa, ranch, carrots, olives, pretzels, mixed fruit and pizza.

minecraft birthday party

For the cake, I made a “Minecraft Cake” cake. Get it? ;-P

With the leftover cake (from leveling/trimming) I decided to put together some last-minute Creeper Cakepops.

minecraft birthday party

As party favors for the Minecraft Birthday Party, I made some really easy Creeper Sugar Cookies.

minecraft creeper cookies

My dad and I collaborated on the “Crafting Table” pinata very last-minute. I literally finished putting it together about 2 minutes before the first guest arrived.

A Very DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

It was a great day! Adam and his friends had a blast at his Minecraft Birthday Party…I can’t wait to host his next birthday! 🙂


  1. This is hands down the best and most original Minecraft party I’ve come across. The game is starting to pick up but it’s hard to come across decor and tutorials. You are amazing – my son is going to be so happy! THANK YOU!

  2. Good morning,I too am trying to put a very low budget Minecraft party together for my son who is turning 13. Too told for anything they sell at the store, but still a milestone that needs recognition. My son is just getting started in the haze of minecraft but is already all he talkes about, so I thought what a perfect way to surprise him. can you tell me how you did the frosting for the sugar cookies? Everything looks so perfect!!

  3. Hi Kaci,

    I am in the throws of planning a Minecraft themed party for my twins who are turning 6. Already huge fans and slightly addicted to the game they immediately said they wanted to do Minecraft. Easy enough. Unless you’re like me and completely lacking in the creative gene. Is there anyway you could possibly email me with some instructions or links so that I can implement some of your ideas? Thanks!

    Brandi (deranged mom of 8)

  4. Fantastic ideas…that I’m totally nicking. Kudos to you, my son will be thrilled with the cake! Cheers!

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