The Homicidal Homemaker

Hi! I'm Kaci, more commonly known as The Homicidal Homemaker. I started this website to inspire others to bring a spooky element to every day life through horror recipes, cocktails, crafts, & tutorials. Check out my recipes in every issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, and my horror cooking show on Screambox, YouTube, & AT&T Uverse/Comcast in Central CA.
DIY Cookie Cutter Tutorial | The Homicidal Homemaker

Make a DIY Cookie Cutter in ANY SHAPE with Foil

Learn how to easily make your own DIY cookie cutter out of foil to create any custom shape you need.
Make it a Cannibal Christmas with Horror Treats for the Holidays

Make it a Cannibal Christmas with Horror Treats for the Holidays!

Creepy confections don't have to be reserved just for Halloween! This holiday season, put a morbid, cannibalistic twist on some classic holiday treats, sure to both disgust and delight your guests.
OppoSuits Review & Giveaway!

OppoSuits Review & Giveaway!

OppoSuits are perfect for those who want to express their unique personalities, but still want to maintain a sense of style. And just in time for the holiday season, OppoSuits has generously sponsored a giveaway, where one of you guys can win an OppoSuits suit of your choice!
Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Collection Review

Take a Soak on the Darkside with Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Collection

Take a soak on the dark side! Join The Homicidal Homemaker for bath time, as I give my full review of the spooktacular Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn collection.

“The Stuff” Marshmallow Cheesecake Recipe

The Stuff from 1985 proves that when it comes to horror films, anyone or anything can be a killer...and in this film, it was a food product. Learn how to make my recipe for The Stuff Marshmallow Cheesecake – I promise that it won't consume your brain and eat you alive from the inside out!
Easy & Inexpensive DIY Cinnamon Coffee Syrupvideo

Easy & Inexpensive DIY Cinnamon Coffee Syrup

You don't need to spend $5 on just one latte to enjoy your favorite flavors of fall. Learn how to make your own inexpensive DIY Cinnamon Coffee Syrup to enjoy all year long!
DIY Spooky Sugar Cube Skulls | The Homicidal Homemakervideo

DIY Spooky Sugar Cube Skulls

One of the most frequently requested tutorials I get asked about, is how to make DIY spooky sugar cube skulls. There's tons of tutorials that exist on how to make them, but I've decided to share my flavored, brightly-colored twist on how to make them. These DIY spooky sugar cube skulls are SO easy to make, it's hard to even call this a recipe! But with the upcoming holidays, these make fantastic gifts when packaged up in a mug with some coffee or tea.
Chopping Mall Bloody Orange Juliusvideo

Chopping Mall Bloody Orange Julius – A Throwback to the 80’s!

This delicious Chopping Mall Bloody Orange Julius is a blood-red twist on a classic, & makes the perfect addition to any Halloween or horror-inspired gathering. It takes only a few ingredients to make, is vegan-friendly, & can be made with reduced-sugar.
Classic Universal Monsters Get A Tiki Twist | The Homicidal Homemaker

Classic Universal Monsters Get a Tiki Twist

Beeline Creative Serves Up Some Tiki Terror with Universal Monsters Tiki Mugs!After spending a pretty penny on a few vintage Orchids of Hawaii scorpion bowls, and some limited-edition Tiki Farm bowls...
BB's First Birthday (A Dog Birthday Party!) | The Homicidal Homemaker

BB’s First Birthday (A Dog Birthday Party!)

A Dog Birthday Party on a Budget!When I woke up on September 3rd, 2016, I had no idea how much my life was about to change – I was going to...

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