Take a Soak on the Darkside with Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Collection

A surprise jeweled ring included in every candle or bathbomb!

Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Collection Review
Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Fragrant Jewels. The following products from the Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Collection were received in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

So, I guess when you celebrate Halloween every single day…it’s bound to catch up with you eventually. Yes, the nasty flu virus (or perhaps the zombie plague) has claimed The Homicidal Homemaker as it’s victim, and it all happened to hit me the weekend before the most wonderful day of the entire year.

Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Review

My Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn candle and bathbomb couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time – my limbs were aching from what I would imagine the first stages of rigor mortis to feel like, and I was in desperate need of a hot bath to help clear my clogged-up sinuses.

So, pour yourself a glass of bubbly, and join The Homicidal Homemaker for bath time, as I give my full review of the spooktacular Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn collection.

Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Review

I started by lighting my Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn candle, which smells fantastic. The Fragrant Jewels’ website describes the scent as a mixture of watery cucumber, crisp purple freesia and shredded coconut.

Then, in went the bath bomb – this got me feeling incredibly witchy, like I was conjuring up a wicked spell to banish the sickness that had taken over my body. I was delighted to watch my bathtub magically transform into a bubbling cauldron of dark yet vibrant swirls of color, reminiscent of an oil slick. And if you weren’t already convinced to take a soak on the dark-side with this bath bomb, it also has pampering ingredients like sweet almond oil and Dead Sea salt to soften and exfoliate your entire body.

Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Review

After your bathtub has been transformed into a dark, glittering galaxy of swirled colors, you’re left with an almost-black purple bathtub (and no, the colors do not stain your bathtub!). I made sure to add a few spooky rubber duckies to my bathtub, too.

After the bomb has completely dissolved, a wickedly awesome surprise is revealed — each candle and bath bomb contains one of 10 limited-edition rings from the exclusive Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Collection, crafted with a black band inspired by the Wicked Unicorn’s horn and featuring a gorgeous Swarovski Rainbow Dark Crystal center. Each ring also comes with a special code for the Vault, giving you the chance to learn the value of your ring, as well as win a ring worth up to $10,000.

The code from inside the bath bomb I received wasn’t a big winner, but I absolutely LOVE the ring that was inside. I can’t wait to see which ring is inside my Wicked Unicorn candle! I’ll be sure to update this once my candle has melted enough to reveal it’s surprise.

Fragrant Jewels Wicked Unicorn Review

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