It’s February, and you all know what that means – all over the world, people are anticipating that very special day that is taking place towards the middle of the month. No, not Valentine’s Day…I’m talking about the return of The Walking Dead on February 10th. Whether you’re choosing to celebrate this night solo, or that special ghoul you only have eyes for, these eyeball-shaped gnocchi dumplings with visceral-looking fettucine are the perfect dish to chow down on.  Who doesn’t love eyeball pasta?

Get the recipe for my “Putrid Pasta: Eyeball Gnocchi with Guts” in my upcoming cookbook! 


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  1. amber says:

    You win for one of the best horror blogs on the web!!!!

  2. courtafi2138 says:

    WONDERFUL Post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sheena says:

    I NEED to know how to make this!