Creepy Fresh Meat Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats (Video Update)

A video update of THE ORIGINAL Raw Meat Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats. Recreated by many, these gruesome treats are perfect for your next Halloween party!

Perfect for a Cannibal Cookout – Fresh Meat Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats!

Using inexpensive ingredients and taking only minutes to put together, these Fresh Meat Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats have become one of the most popular recipes on The Homicidal Homemaker® website! Serve these on styrofoam trays covered in clear plastic wrap, and you just might trick your family into thinking they’re something ready to throw on the grill!

These Fresh Meat Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats are the perfect treat for your Halloween, zombie, The Walking Dead, or cannibal themed parties! And as always, there are both standard and vegan variations of the recipe available here on my website.

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An Important Note About Raw Flour/Dry Cake Mix

Yes, this recipe uses dry cake mix as an ingredient. Heating raw flour (or in the case of this recipe, dry cake mix) to a temperature of at least 160ºF (71ºC) kills off any bacteria that may be lurking within your flour. As you cook your mixture, it should reach the required 160ºF/71ºC to kill any bacteria. Of course, always use a kitchen thermometer to double-check!

Alternatively, you can quickly heat treat your dry cake mix by spreading it out onto a lined baking sheet and toasting it for 5 minutes at 350°F. Allow it to cool before using.

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