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Hi! I'm Kaci, more commonly known as The Homicidal Homemaker. I started this website to inspire others to bring a spooky element to every day life through horror recipes, cocktails, crafts, & tutorials. Check out my recipes in every issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, and my horror cooking show on Screambox, YouTube, & AT&T Uverse/Comcast in Central CA.
Celebrate Friday the 13th with a Jason Voorhees Camp Crystal Cake!

Celebrate Friday the 13th with a Jason Voorhees Camp Crystal Cake!

Learn how to make this easy Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Cake with a yummy campfire treat inspired Toasted Marshmallow Filling.
Hellraiser Brownies

Tear Your Soul (& Tastebuds) Apart with “Cinna-bite” Hellraiser Brownies

I have such sweets to show you..."Cinna-Bite" Hellraiser Brownies! What's your pleasure? Chocolate? Cinnamon? Ah...the cinnamon. The sweet, sweet cinnamon... Everyone loves biting into a rich, fudgy brownie, but not everyone has dabbled...
Zombie Finger Food

Bon-bons for the Undead: Zombie Finger Food (Version 2.0)

Ahh...Zombie Finger Food. The bon-bons of the undead! Learn how to create Zombie Finger Food, two ways – zombie-style, or freshly-severed!

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" Soul Pizza Recipe

"A Nightmare on Elm Street 4" Soul Pizza For horror fans, few things are better than a night filled with pizza, horror flicks...well, and maybe a few beers. So whether you're a...
Twin Peaks Black Lodge Pie Recipe

Twin Peaks Black Lodge Pie Recipe for #TwinPeaksDay!

Happy #TwinPeaksDay! Pour yourself a damn fine (and hot!) cup of coffee, and sit down with a slice of this decadent Twin Peaks Black Lodge Pie. With a buttery crust, rich chocolate filling, and tart cherries...this pie is really something!
Edible Entrails

Learn How to Make Edible Entrails on my NEW Horror Cooking Show!

Step inside my kitchen (if you dare!) for the premiere episode of my horror cooking show! I've updated my classic Edible Entrails recipe for a fun new twist.
Turn Boo Berry into Monster Cereal Milk Popsicles!

Turn Boo Berry into Monster Cereal Milk Popsicles!

Play "Mad Scientist" and make Monster Cereal Milk Popsicles! My horror-themed cooking show will be premiering very soon, but I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe for Halloween – Monster...
Brain Macaroni Salad (Original Version)

Brain Macaroni Salad Recipe (Original Version)

Scare Up Your Table with a Brain Macaroni Salad! Your brain-shaped gelatin mold can be used for much more than just gelatin and desserts! A couple of years back I showed you...
Blood Soaked Caramel Corn

American Horror Story “Freak Show” Blood Soaked Caramel Corn

Dandy's Favorite – Blood Soaked Caramel Corn! It's finally here! The new year and the much-anticipated return of American Horror Story "Freak Show" on FX! I've missed watching it over the holiday season, and...
Count Chocula Monster Chow – A Spooky Twist on a Classic

Count Chocula Monster Chow – A Spooky Twist on a Classic

Chocaholics be warned: you will have a love-hate relationship with my Count Chocula Monster Chow. It starts off with Count Chocula cereal, coated in chocolatey-goodness, and is then mixed with even more chocolate. In case you weren't convinced, it certainly will satisfy any chocolate craving you may be having, but I guarantee that you won't stop munching on it!

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