Recipe: Finger Food (Zombie Style or Freshly Severed!)

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Thank you to all of my fans for making this post one of the top search results for zombie food ideas, zombie party food, zombie food and zombie recipes!

The Homicidal Homemaker shows you how to create the perfect zombie food for your next zombie party! The Homicidal Homemaker’s gruesome Finger Food, two ways – Zombie Style, or Freshly Severed!

I’ve seen various ways to make edible ‘finger food’ all over the internet. I’ve seen people use cookie dough, breadsticks, string cheese, regular hotdogs, canned Vienna Sausages, and Lil Smokies, with variations for the fingernails, such as onions, bell pepper chunks and almonds, to name a few.

I really loved the ideas I saw, but wanted to kick things up a notch, and enhance the gross-out factor and realism even further.

Get the recipe for my “Freshly Severed and Zombie-Style Finger Food” in my upcoming cookbook!

  • Dollie

    You are truly the queen of Halloween!

  • Karen

    i really appreciate your content. im not big on horror but love halloween! I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.

  • bacain1

    I loooooove your blog! Please keep posting more amazing things!

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