Horror Movie Cocktails & Creepy Halloween Drinks

Looking to kick your Halloween party or movie night up a notch? Add some spine-tingling cocktails to the mix, inspired by your favorite horror movies. Get ready to impress your guests with these eerie and creative drink ideas that are sure to make your next party a real scream!

These drinks are not only perfect for setting the mood, but they're also delicious and easy to make. These drinks are not only ideal for setting an eerie mood, but they're also incredibly delicious and easy to make. Whether you're a fan of the classics or prefer more modern films, there's a drink for everyone (even those who choose not to partake in sipping spirits!). Be sure to check out all of my horror recipes for the perfect pairing!

So, no matter which of these horror movie cocktails you choose, please remember to enjoy it responsibly and have a safe and spooky time!

Pool Water Punch Mocktail Recipe inspired by the horror film Night Swim

This Pool Water Punch Recipe Pairs Perfectly With A NIGHT SWIM

Make a splash with my 'Night Swim' Pool Water Punch! Immerse yourself in this chilling mocktail, ideal for sipping as you explore the haunted depths of the film – where each ripple hints at unseen terrors below!

Silver Shamrock Shake inspired by Halloween 3: Season of the Witch...

This Silver Shamrock Shake inspired by the horror film "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" is a grown-up version of your favorite minty dessert shake from McDonald's, garnished with gummy snakes and candy bugs.

“The Love Witch” Cocktail for The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put...

Enchant your Valentine with my recipe for a shimmering "The Love Witch" cocktail - it only takes a few ingredients and the no-fuss prep makes it a breeze to put together!

Foam & Fizz with a Color-Changing “Street Trash” Tenafly Viper Cocktail

This cocktail starts off with a homemade bright blue Tenafly Viper liquor made with butterfly pea flower, which changes to a bright purple when you add in a squeeze of lime juice! If you want to take it a step further, drop in a fizzing tablet for foaming, color-changing action, reminiscent of the victims in the film.

Warm Up With Hot Buttered REDRUM Inspired by “The Shining”!

All work and no play during the holidays can give anyone the urge to grab the nearest axe and go full-on Jack Torrance on their family. This blood-red twist on a classic Hot Buttered Rum will help keep you from freezing to death out in the cold hedge maze, with a generous splash of spiced rum to calm those nerves.
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