It’s Aliiiive! Maggot-Infested Brain Shrimp Cocktail

Learn how to make this impressive way to present your shrimp cocktail, with a ghoulish surprise in the middle - mini bay shrimp, that makes this dish come to life once your guests have starting digging in and picking this brain apart!

TupperSCARE Party: Deviled Lettuce aka “Alien Egg Salad”

I knew that when I came across this recipe on Pinterest, that it was just begging to be the next installment of The Homicidal...
Ring Around the Tuna

TupperSCARE Party: The Joys of JELL-O’s “Ring Around the Tuna”

For this edition of The Homicidal Homemaker's TupperSCARE Party, I have recreated the "Ring Around the Tuna" recipe from my 1962 edition of "The Joys of JELL-O".
Zombie Finger Food

Easy Finger Food Made From Hotdogs (Zombie Style or Freshly Severed!)

The Homicidal Homemaker shows you how to create gruesome Finger Food for your next zombie party two ways - Zombie Style, or Freshly Severed!