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The best news I have received in a while…the return of the beloved Monster Cereals, FRUTE BRUTE and YUMMY MUMMY! I have dreamt of this day…and it gives me hope for the return of Ecto-Cooler!

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I know that I had previously posted this on Facebook, but please take five minutes to read this post and take this as another opportunity to show some goodwill during this holiday season, for a very independently-ran business in a time of need.

Gore Noir MagazineWhat I am about to tell you is a very heartbreaking story. On December 2nd, 2012, Gore Noir Magazine were the recent victims of a major theft in Tucson, during their relocation to Texas. Absolutely everything they owned was packed up in their vehicle and trailer. Not only are we talking about their products for their independently-ran horror magazine…we’re talking about every single thing they owned was packed up in that vehicle and trailer. Irreplaceable, sentimental items were in there.

Gore Noir Magazine

Just take a moment to think about it. You’re en route to your new home, and you stop at a hotel to rest for one night, before getting back on the road and making the drive. You wake up the next morning, head out to your vehicle to resume your move, and you find nothing but broken glass where you had parked your vehicle. Every possession that you owned is now gone, and you have no idea who took it, or the whereabouts of it.

This past Tuesday,  an update was posted that their truck was found, and all of the contents had been taken.

I know it’s December, and for most people out there, funds are tight at this time of year. But I am asking that my readers embrace the giving spirit, and donate a couple of bucks over to Gore Noir Magazine. Even $5 would help!

You can also pre-order your copy of upcoming issues of Gore Noir Magazine, which will tremendously help with up-front printing costs. The next issue being printed will feature the first installment of my quarterly column in their magazine, “Heroines of Horror”. They work extremely hard on every issue, and this particular issue had a really cool photoshoot in it, and myself along with many, many others were eagerly anticipating it’s release.

Obscuri "Suzi Rubbish" Print | Gore Noir MagazineAlso, artist/photography Obscuri is offering a limited-edition print of Miss Gore Noir 2013, Suzi Rubbish, to raise money for the cause. Prints are only $25! You can purchase the print by clicking here.

You can also tremendously help out by sharing the campaign on your website/blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or any other social media outlet you may utilize!



I was so excited to come across these at Winco the other night! They have a neon green yolk!


Don’t miss the premiere episode of Friday Night Frights, on, at 7 PM PST. Hosted by yours cruelly, The Homicidal Homemaker!


Just this past week, a discounted black-&-white version of the cookbook became available for purchase. Click here to purchase!

TODAY ONLY, you can get FREE SHIPPING on the “Have a Heart for Horror” Cookbook, featuring recipes from women within the horror industry. No coupon is required to receive the free shipping discount, but you have to act fast – it’s today only!

This cookbook features a recipe for my ‘Ghoulish Gelatin Brain’ dessert.


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The Homicidal Homemaker has a recipe featured in the “Have a Heart for Horror” Cookbook.  The book is now available for purchase! “Fearfully tasty treats, art and poetry by the brilliant minds of women in horror. Every book sold helps to benefit “Get Safe”, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing real life horrors such as rape & domestic violence. With a foreword by Heidi Honeycutt/Martinuzzi.” A TASTE OF THE WOMEN INVOLVED   Read More ...


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