Vintage Ad of the Week: Mars Bar

12/26/2012 , In: Vintage Ad of the Week

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their holiday season.

I know that I skipped last week’s Vintage Ad of the Week, but with the holidays and alongside my recent appearance on The Phantom Zone Radio Show (which you can listen to by clicking here!), Wednesday was a pretty busy day for me. So I just postponed it until this week. 
Vintage Ad of the Week, 12/16/2012 | Vintage Mars Bar Ad | The Homicidal Homemaker

For this week’s pick, I am highlighting an advertisement for one of my favorite candy bars – the Mars Bar! It is pretty difficult to come across these, but every now and then, I  find them at discount stores for a really great price. They were one of my favorite candy bars when I was little, and still are to this day!
One thing I really love about this ad is the typography/fonts, along with the color-blocks behind the text.
Vintage Ad of the Week, 12/16/2012 | Vintage Mars Bar Ad | The Homicidal Homemaker

This ad is quite busy, and lacks the open space that usually attracts my eye, but it’s done tastefully so (no pun intended!) I really love the placement of the spoons showcasing the contents of the candy bar, which in turn draws your eyes to the young woman holding a gigantic Mars Bar…or maybe it is a normal-sized Mars Bar and she’s just really tiny? Either way, I find the composition to be rather entertaining, and I love the usage of so many different colors without going overboard.

Have you tried a Mars Bar, and if so, what do you think of them? What are some of your favorite candies?

– The Homicidal Homemaker

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