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I am so excited to announce that yours ghoulishly has been invited to attend ScareLA and teach two classes! I’ll be teaching a horror cooking class, and a 1950’s-inspired Halloween decoration class.

I’ll be at the convention on both Saturday and Sunday, but you can join me for two classes on Sunday, August 10th:

11:30 am“Mid-Century Macabre DIY Decor”
1950’s-inspired Halloween decorations and favors!

1:00 pm – “Gruesome Gourmet”
Slice, dice and scream your way to creating absolutely KILLER gruesome gourmet delights that your guests will be DYING to sink their teeth into!

For more information, or to get tickets, visit the official ScareLA website or Facebook page.

Upcoming Events & Appearances

I’ll be a guest tonight on NonProductive!’s radioshow at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST! They’ll be talking to me about The Homicidal Homemaker website and cookbook, as well as doing a tasting of the Monster General Mills monster-themed breakfast cereals! Those who are nostalgic about the old-school monsters will love this episode!

Upcoming Events & Appearances

This upcoming Wednesday, 5/22 at 5pm p./7pm c./8pm e. I will be a guest on The Phantom Zone Radio Show. Be sure to listen and interact with us live in the chat, where I will be talking about The Homicidal Homemaker as well as my cookbook, appearances and merchandise, and also Season 2 of Friday Night Frights, and the upcoming SCAREanormal – Fresno event!

Please be sure to call in and ask any questions you may have!

Listen live at at!

Upcoming Events & Appearances

Jason Dube of Scattered Comics made some awesome artwork for my podcast with Char Hardin and Nikki Meow, The Flow! A huge thanks to Jason for this awesome artwork, as well as becoming The Flow’s newest sponsor!

The Flow Podcast | Kaci Hansen, Char Hardin, Nikki Meow

Upcoming Events & Appearances

Join us for our time of the month, where three sisters of horror, Kaci Hansen, Nikki Meow, and Char Hardin, get together and let their flow go…

Premiere episode airs live TONIGHT, Friday, Feburary 1st, 2013, from 6-8 PM, PST, in celebration of Women in Horror Month.

Listen and interact with other listeners in the chat:

Some of the MANY horror vixens being featured on the show:
• Jessica Cameron
• Geretta Geretta
• Maria Olsen
• Tonjia Atomic
• Cheryl Compton
• Angel St. Savant
• Chandra Vitellaro
• Maude Michaud

Upcoming Events & Appearances

My first article for my column, “Heroines of Horror” in Gore Noir Magazine is available now, in issue #6! I did an interview with the very talented and beautiful Seregon O’Dassey!

Be sure to head on over to to grab your copy today!

Upcoming Events & Appearances

I am super excited to be the guest on The Phantom Zone Radio Show, this Wednesday, 12/19 at 5PM PST! I can’t wait to chat it up with Nikki Meow and Jay Luna!

Be sure to tune in to ask any questions live in the chat, or via phone! It’s going to be a gruesomely good time!

Be sure to ‘like’ them on Facebook, too! 

Upcoming Events & Appearances


The Homicidal Homemaker herself, Kaci Hansen, will be appearing as a featured guest in September 2012 at Miss Misery’s Days of Terror Convention in Sacramento, CA. Kaci will also be hosting the costume contest at the event’s afterparty.
Be sure to check out the official website for a complete list of guests, vendors, events and details! It’s going to be great!

Upcoming Events & Appearances

The Homicidal Homemaker will be sponsoring Viscera Film Festival’s Bone Marrow Drive in Hollywood, CA on February 25th, 2012. Come by for horror films made by women, a red carpet walk, fine art, open bar and food!


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Upcoming Events & Appearances